French Flare was the desired vibe of this private estate in Rancho Santa Fe that was originally built by a well-known builder in the area that specialized in his use of large wood framed arches and oversized stone fireplaces. Complimenting masculine material and treatments to create a French Petite Flare became an exciting challenge for the entire CBI team. Using oversize scale wall paper to create a Trump L’iel affect in the kitchen began the process that was carried throughout the home.

The homeowners love for a particular Korean artist set the color palette in the strongest hues possible while the designers’ use of pattern play in the fabrics moved the colors into the softest realm of the hues. Crystal chandeliers are this family’s home glittering jewels that show off the scale of the gorgeous spaces they light. Natural limestone floors the blend in and out of wood inlays show delineation of the spaces without walling of each individual room.