A sprawling ranch style house on amazing property in Rancho Santa Fe gave the Carly Blalock team a rare opportunity to add organic contemporary architectural features while maintaining the heritage of the Rancho Santa Fe ranch style structure. The theater walls were treated in a full height panels made of ostrich hide that are wall to wall with a stacking acoustic reverb control design. The ceiling heights were not showing to the average eye with its standard beams changing these to more elaborate designs incorporating wood, stone and metals really drew a lot of attention as you move throughout the home.

I feel the volume of wood that is used to create and treat the designs of each of these spaces really show you that good design can support heavy weighted details. The use of stacked stone with wood and hand forged copper is one of my favorite walls in the home and its in perfect position in the family room to make a comfort relaxing environment to watch TV, hang with friends and family and enjoy the oversized fireplace.